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Rachel Madar

Rachel Madar

I have 20 years of learning as well as teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah in the United States and in Israel. I developed various leadership programs for women, young adults, parents, businesses and furthermore as part of the Spiritual School of Leadership which my husband and I opened as one of the key components of the Kabbalah Centre projects.


My specialty is in developing special healing techniques using ancient Aramaic  letters which support people overcoming diversified belief systems. My goal is to ignite people’s desires to connect to their inner selves so they can draw out their own personal strength and finding fulfillment in life.

Not only a spiritual advisor, I am a lecturer, certified Life Coach, Mediator, CBT Practitioner​, Access Bars and Theta Healer.

On top of it all I am a wife and mother to a beautiful daughter who loves cooking and gardening. 

My Philosophy

  • Every person has the diamond with in that is waiting to shine- just need to reveal it!

  • We are being of sharing- just need to find how ?!

  • We deserve it all! You deserve it all!

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