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Wendy Rosenthal - Founder

For the past quarter-century, I've had the privilege of guiding businesses of all sizes across the globe on transforming ideas into tangible realities, all while supporting their branding and financial goals. My journey has taken me from theme parks in Abu Dhabi to non-profits in Los Angeles, witnessing numerous projects soar and others struggle to launch. Through these experiences, I've gleaned insights from industry leaders and witnessed firsthand the learning curve of mistakes - my own included - that ultimately enhanced the projects' outcomes.

A pivotal revelation in my career came when I discovered the joy of working closely with individuals within the teams I was supporting through my consultancy, aiding them in their stepping up in their roles as much as I was providing strategies for their projects. This realization was undeniable...a shift in my career trajectory was a must!

Now, I leverage my ability to synthesize vast amounts of information quickly and empathetically, clearing the path for actionable steps that help individuals bring their visions to life, and overcome obstacles with clarity and ease.

My passion for astrology has also been a guiding light. Learning to interpret charts and practicing with friends and family, I recognized astrology's power in revealing one's strengths and challenges, thereby enhancing those strengths. This led to an epiphany: integrating practical astrological insights into my coaching practices. Today, Pathfinder Applied Astrology offers our clients profound evaluations of their innate greatness and a roadmap to achieving it.

My ultimate aim is to empower you to uncover the answers already within you, but  perhaps hard to reach on your own. I pose the questions you haven't thought of, reframe situations in your life and limited belief systems that stop you, helping you view your answers more clearly.

Beyond my professional life, I cherish my roles as a mother, wife, author, avid sports enthusiast, podcaster, lecturer, and a person deeply committed to a spiritual path for 25 years. I am a devoted friend who finds joy in assisting others.

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My Philosophy 

Enjoy the process.

Learn to embrace your greatness fearlessly.

There is always a pathway to success

(even if success looks different than you

originally thought).

All your answers are in you, they might just need

to be coaxed out.

Happiness breeds happiness so find joy

in everything you do so you can attract

the success you desire. 

Pathfinder Esther Royo

My Philosophy 

Everything IS possible.

Live in the moment.

Raise your vibration.

Focus on the end goal, don’t let it go 

You always have choices.

It’s all a process and you got to love it while you’re in it.

Esther Royo

My journey intertwines a deep-rooted passion for spirituality with a commitment to positively impact others, guiding my every step as a coach and mentor. Hailing from Panama, I now call Austin, Texas, home, living with my teenage son. With a Master's degree in Education and a rich 15-year tenure as an educator in Elementary and Junior High Schools, my career took a transformative turn towards mentoring and life-changing guidance.


It was my exploration of Kabbalah that led me to the Spirituality for Kids program, which aligned perfectly with my belief in the necessity of self-connection, self-awareness, and being the architects of our own lives. For six years, I embraced the role of Lead Teacher and Coordinator, dedicating myself to at-risk children and introducing them to the concept of spirituality.

My path unfolded further with active roles at The Kabbalah Center in Panama and Los Angeles, where, as the Student and Community Coordinator, I fostered students' spiritual growth and community strength. Over the past decade, my focus has shifted towards nurturing spirituality among Spanish-speaking students in the United States and Latin America, offering them unwavering support and guidance as a Student Support Teacher.

Beyond teaching, I host a podcast video show, Infusión Espiritual de la Semana, where I share wisdom, insights, and inspiration. My own transformation through Kabbalah has not only reshaped my worldview but also ignited a fervent desire to assist students in navigating life's hurdles towards happiness and fulfillment, all through connecting with their inner Light.

Proudly, I contribute to a movement that transforms lives and uplifts the global consciousness. My dedication to spreading positivity and empowerment stands as a beacon for all who cross my path. As a mother, spiritual seeker, friend, life enthusiast, podcaster, and nature lover, with two decades of spiritual exploration, my greatest fulfillment comes from helping others recognize their innate power to live life to its fullest.

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