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Practical Coaching for the Spiritual Heart

Meet Pathfinder

If you are checking out this website, you have already achieved some amazing things in your life and now you are looking to do even more... take it to the next level! At Pathfinder 1 to 1, we are right there with you, believing that more lies within you, an extraordinary potential, a wellspring of greatness waiting to be unleashed. 

So, what’s holding you back? Maybe some doubts, fears, or that little voice of disbelief creeping in and slowing you down hindering your progress. Ideas stall, barriers appear, and the path forward seems obscured.

But fear not! We are here to change that narrative. At Pathfinder 1 to 1, we hold the key to unlocking the solutions you seek, the actions you need—within you, ready to be unleashed, understood, and put into motion to propel you towards your goals. Through a mix of positivity, revealing assessment tools, focused mentorship, and a customized roadmap, we empower you to steer your journey with purpose, be it in your personal or professional realm.

Our ethos is not about handing you the answers but unlocking the brilliance that you already possess; and then guiding you towards actionable steps that lie within you through attentive listening, thought-provoking questions, and fostering those enlightening "Aha" moments. Our knack lies in weaving your myriad of ideas into a clear action plan, blending external strategies with internal revelations through individualized coaching for enduring success. 

Pathfinder Supports You to...

Reach Your Next Level of Greatness

Are you on the brink of something phenomenal, waiting just beyond the horizon of your current accomplishments? Let's push those boundaries together.


With Pathfinder 1 to 1, your next level of greatness isn't a distant dream, it's an actionable reality. We're talking about transformation that echoes through every facet of your life. Think of it, you, elevated, empowered, and excelling beyond what you thought possible. Isn't it time to stretch your limits and reach heights that will leave even you in awe?

Bring Your Goals 

To Life

How do you turn those sparks of brilliance into a roaring flame? It's simple — manifest your objectives with clear intentions and actionable steps that we'll craft, together.


From the personal transformation to professional triumphs, every goal is within grasp. No more shadowboxing with vague ideas; it’s about landing those power punches. Let's solidify your vision, tailor a bespoke strategy, and set your aspirations in motion. With Pathfinder 1 to 1, watch your dreams transcend into the tangible.

Turn Challenges into Tools for Success

Every challenge, an opportunity; each setback, a stepping stone. What if obstacles aren't just hurdles but rather the raw materials to build your staircase to success?


Here's our proposition: transform those barriers into success tools. We’ll dissect each challenge, understand its core, and reforge it into a tool of triumph. It's not just about overcoming but about mastering and leveraging.

When you join forces with Pathfinder 1 to 1, you turn the tides of adversity to your advantage, ensuring that every step you take is a leap towards greatness.

Ready to be the conqueror of your own story? To achieve, to thrive, to rise? Count on us to be by your side, every step of the way. Your path to greatness starts with a single, resolute step. Take it with Pathfinder 1 to 1.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in two simple truths.


Firstly, the universe has bestowed upon each of us all we require to lead our most elevated life. Sometimes, it's challenging for us to recognize these gifts clearly. We operate under the belief that we can draw out, decipher, and present your inner solutions in a way that empowers you to take those crucial next steps.


Secondly, we believe everything is a process. Ooh...process, that is not a nice word. Sounds scary and besides who likes process anyway? Can't we just cut to the chase? Well, we love process, because we believe that is the only way for anything to happen. We believe that the process can be way more fun than you think or even experienced. Sometimes you just need a little help and some unique tools to go through it and come out the other end with the success you are seeking. 

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Finding Your Path

1. Reveal

At Pathfinder 1 to 1, we initiate your journey with the essential step of self-revelation. Imagine peeling back the layers of self-limiting beliefs and unearthing the brilliance beneath.How? By asking the right questions and cultivating a space where your true self can emerge without fear or judgment. That's when the magic happens - in that moment of vulnerability and honesty. Together, we'll uncover your unique strengths, values, and aspirations. This isn't about us telling you who you are; it's about you discovering who you could become.

2. Reframe

Have you ever considered the power of a single thought? It's like a seed that can grow into either a towering, nourishing tree or a tangled, suffocating vine. Here's where Pathfinder 1 to 1's 'reframing' comes into play. We help you identify those thought patterns that don't serve you and enable you to reframe them into empowering beliefs. Together, we use that inner monologue which can be a critic or a champion—to reshape how you make decisions and take action. It's not just about thinking positively; it's about creating a new reality that aligns with your vision and goals.

3. Refresh

Once you have reframed the picture of where you want to be, that's where our refreshing step comes in. With Pathfinder 1 to 1, this is where we embody the change. We're not about temporary fixes but long-lasting transformations—refreshing your outlook for a vibrant new perspective.Through innovative strategies and tools, we empower you to take consistent, energized action towards your aspirations. Imagine waking up each day with a renewed zest for your journey; how unstoppable would you be then? The refresh step isn't just an overhaul; it’s a celebration of the new, the improved, the invigorated you. Ready to refresh and embrace every new challenge as opportunity?

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What Our Clients Say

Working with Wendy renewed my passion and desire to continue on the path of making my business dream a reality.  After a long road, I was ready to call it quits.  She helped me reconnect to my idea, expand it and re-envision the entire company.  Wendy’s expertise, experience, guidance and support has been vital.  I would not be back on the path to success without her!

Amy Rudolph, CEO B. Whimsy Company

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