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Unlock Your Potential with
Pathfinder's Signature  Coaching Session and Assessment Tools

Successful coaching thrives on a dynamic partnership between the coach and coachee. Trust forms the cornerstone, enabling the coach to unearth vital insights to empower their client. At Pathfinder 1 to 1, we embrace this collaborative process with passion, fostering enriching discussions and feedback to drive excellence!


While pivotal to our success, we don't stop there. We have additional tools up our sleeves to accelerate growth. These unique assessment tools, though optional, are powerful allies in unveiling your true potential on your distinct journey.

Coaching Sessions

Image by Dan DeAlmeida

Revealing Your True Desire

Our desire is the engine for our success and achievement. When we truly want something we become a powerful magnet to bring that desire into the world. However, in a world where expectations often cloud our true aspirations, we are proud to introduce a transformative experience designed for those who dare to dream genuinely.


These sessions are more than just a meeting; it's the beginning of a profound personal renaissance.

Through expertly guided introspection, we'll help you distinguish between the desires you've been conditioned to pursue and the passions that truly resonate with your soul. This crucial differentiation is the centerpiece of our session, leading you towards clarity and authenticity.

Available in a one-hour session or 3- session package.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Reframing Your Limited Beliefs

We understand that deep-seated beliefs can either anchor you to your current state or catapult you into a realm of infinite possibilities. The Expansive Belief Session is meticulously crafted to help you identify and dismantle the beliefs that have covertly confined your potential.


In these sessions we begin by uncovering the predominate limiting beliefs that you are grabbling with today.


Once identified, we provide steps to help you reframe that limited belief into and expansive belief that will enabling you to focus on what will bring you the success you are looking for in your life.

Available in a one-hour session or 3- session package.

Image by Ian Stauffer

Refreshing to Your Greatness

Are you standing at the edge of your current successes, peering out into the vast terrain of untapped potential? You’ve climbed mountains and celebrated victories; now, it’s time to broaden your horizons even further.


Our Refreshing to Your Next Greatness sessions are a co-creative time of power designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and visionaries like you – those who recognize that success isn’t a destination, it’s a continuous journey.

Intrigued by what lies beyond the familiar? Together we map the borders of your comfort zone, exploring the spaces where you thrive and identifying the frontiers yet to be traversed. With your Jupiter sign as our guide, we unlock profound insights, pinpointing exactly where to focus your growth.

Available in a one-hour session or 3- session package.

Image by Jack Skinner

Pathfinder Power Hour

Step into the Pathfinder Power Hour — where your aspirations meet action. Unlock the synergy of spiritual insight and practical strategies in a bespoke session designed to clear the roadblocks on your professional and personal journey.


For the entrepreneur, the professional, or the spiritual seeker within, this is your time to shine. Set the agenda, steer the conversation, and watch as paths unfold and potentials are unlocked. Embark on a transformational quest, because within one power-packed session, your vision starts to manifest into reality.

Available in a one-hour session or 3/6 - session package.


Pathfinder 1 to 1 Corporate Coaching Services stand as a beacon of empowerment and growth for executives and corporate teams, distinctly tailored to harness the collective greatness of your team. Through our personalized approach, we specialize in:

  • Leadership Enhancement: Elevating individual leadership skills for profound company-wide impact.

  • Effective Communication: Cultivating open channels of communication to enhance team synergy.

  • Overcoming Obstacles Together: Guiding teams through challenges, transforming obstacles into stepping stones for success.

  • Executive Greatness: Focusing on executives reaching new heights of performance, benefiting the individual's career trajectory and the organization as a whole.


Our unique edge lies in our customization capabilities, seamlessly adapting to both small groups and larger teams. With a foundation built on personal executive experience, Pathfinder coaches understand the nuances of business objectives, P&L management, and industry lingo, ensuring our services are not just supportive but strategically aligned with your business goals.

Pathfinder Discovery Tools

Applied Astrology

Imagine a compass guiding you not just north, but towards your true potential. Applied Astrology isn't just about stars; it's your roadmap to self-discovery and success. We blend timeless astrological wisdom with modern coaching techniques to reveal your strengths and tackle your unique challenges head-on.

Astrology unravels the layers of your experiences, learned behaviors, and beliefs - it's like your DNA, painting a 3D portrait of who you are. Unlike traditional assessments, we offer a holistic view without juggling multiple tools.

At Pathfinder 1 to 1, our approach to astrology is personalized, vibrant, and purposeful, tailored to align with your core values and big dreams.

Astronomical Clock
Marble Pillars

3 Pillars

Do you want to navigating the complexities of life and business with a profound sense of clarity, purpose, and power? You hold the key to not just imagining this reality but actually living it. And at Pathfinder 1 to 1 we can help you unlock it. Through our unique, soul-stirring methodologies, we guide you to reveal your 3 core attributes—the essence of your being that, when fully understood and activated, empower you to operate at your unparalleled best. 

Our approach enables you to specifically name these attributes and define them in your customized way ensuring that every decision and action is not only balanced but also deeply aligned with your purpose. This is not just a coaching assessment technique; this is a transformational journey to your highest self. Turn the page to a chapter of your life where you are empowered, balanced, and relentlessly pursuing your purpose.

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