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A Seemingly Unlikely Pair: Business and Astrology

In the realm of coaching, a plethora of assessment tools are available to aid coaches in comprehending their clients, utilizing the data to guide them, track progress, and offer insights into potential limitations. Well-known tools like the Myers-Briggs test, Gallup’s CliftonStrengths, VIA Inventory of Strengths, Leader Competency Inventory, Mindvalley Assessment, Enneagrams, and Team Effectiveness Assessment are just a few examples. The variety of assessments is extensive, each serving as valid and valuable instruments.

An applied astrologer reviewing an astrological chart
Deciphering a Natal Astrology Chart

With numerous options available, why opt for astrology, which is arguably one of the lesser-known and more contentious choices for a coach to make? But I see it very differently and here is why.  Each individual is a complex, multifaceted being shaped by genetics, experiences, learned behaviors, and belief systems, defining who they are and their actions. The amalgamation of these influences, akin to DNA, is unique to each person. DNA enables scientists to provide a more precise evaluation of a person as a whole, compared to understanding a single gene. Similarly, astrology offers a comprehensive, multidimensional view of an individual, unlike using singular business assessment tools that necessitate coordinating multiple assessments for a holistic view. Astrology illuminates the intricate correlations among various aspects of an individual's characteristics more readily, as all information is consolidated in one place. It unveils links between how individuals handle stress and the partners they attract, or how they manage emotions and the belief systems they develop as a consequence.

To draw an analogy, astrology in comparison to a personality test is akin to viewing a fetus on a sonogram versus a 3D scan that reveals the features of an unborn child. The depth of information provided by astrology, even at its most fundamental level, is remarkable. For instance, analyzing The Planet Mercury in the natal chart, which is formulated based on one's birth moment and the alignment of planets and astrological signs, offers insights into an individual's personal and professional engagement, communication style, financial acumen, problem-solving approach, and personal growth trajectory. In my view, astrology stands as a superior business assessment tool. Within a ninety-minute session, I can obtain a comprehensive perspective of my client, enabling me to support them on a profound level.

Not all clients seek a chart reading, and that is completely understandable. The same insights can be unraveled gradually through my coaching sessions as I build a deeper understanding of them. Nonetheless, an astrological chart serves as an efficient time-saving tool for both the client and me. It allows me to swiftly pinpoint the focal areas requiring attention. For instance, certain zodiac signs excel in money matters but at the same time may struggle in interpersonal interactions. If senior management places a person with this astrological makeup in a managerial position to enhance the firm’s financial outcomes but sees that person’s lack of managerial skills impacting the team, I can promptly offer tailored guidance on team management strategies that align with their strengths and optimize team performance.

I acknowledge that astrology may not resonate with everyone, often perceived as mystical or lacking scientific basis, or viewed merely as a fortune-telling tool. This perspective is valid and why I do not mandate chart readings for my clients as I prioritize resonance with a coach’s style. If a particular approach or technique does not resonate with you, it is best not to compel yourself to adopt it. And, on various levels, I concur with certain criticisms regarding the use or misuse of astrology. For instance, I do not advocate relying solely on astrology to guide investment decisions in stock markets or determine sound business investments. What I share with clients who are not interested in a chart reading is after having read hundreds of charts I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is valuable information in it, and if one is willing, it is worth at least exploring their strengths and weakness about themselves from a different perspective.

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