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Be A Beginner Every Day

Want to keep a project on track and minimize the impact of any obstacles that might come up? Well, here's a little secret: start each day as if it's the beginning of the project, living and seeing it with fresh eyes. By connecting with the start of anything you are working on, you not only remind yourself of its original purpose (and your desire for it), but also keep your creative thinking and problem-solving skills engaged until you reach the finish line. 🚀

Here are 3 tips to start fresh each day:

  1. Challenge Yourself: If you were starting this project today, would you consider any modifications to your current approach? Contemplating adjustments to an ongoing project, particularly in the midst of it, may seem daunting. However, by simply posing the question, you introduce fresh perspective, vigor, and potentially a valuable new idea that could significantly impact the project.

  2. Check in with yourself: Are you feeling satisfaction from the project, maintaining productivity, feeling valued for your contribution? If not, delve into the reasons behind it as it could reveal obstacles within the project or challenges arising from your mindset. If you are, great! If unsure, concentrate on the aspects you do enjoy and leverage that positivity to address any shortcomings. This positive approach will elevate the entire project.

  3. Embrace Learning: Ask yourself what do you think this project will teach you today? Being open to learning from the things you work on heightens a sense of curiosity, which leads to inquiry, which leads to an expanded perspective which leads to progress and elevated results.

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