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Unlocking Consciousness and Spirituality: The Path to Empowerment

Consciousness is everything.

My spiritual teacher, Rav Berg co-founder of The Kabbalah Centre, shared the deepest secret to guide you to a more fulfilling successful life. He said, “Consciousness is everything.” And he meant EVERYTHING! Seems simple enough, I suppose. Basically, the concept is where your consciousness is, you are.  End of story…no ifs, ands or buts about it. If you are sitting in your office but your consciousness is on a beach in the Bahamas, then you are on the beach and the world of work is irrelevant to you. If you see the world as being in chaos then it is. If you see the world is your oyster than it is. This concept might seem reasonable in theory but practically, how can this be when there are many things in the world we don’t control? It doesn’t really make sense, does it?

I have often thought about what this means and how can I apply this to my life. I mean it is a really big statement that could have many ramifications for how I live my life and how I engage in my career. Consciousness is so personal…it is mine which means I am responsible for it, which means it is harder to put the onus on someone or something else for where my consciousness is and therefore how I am experiencing the world right now. With all the very difficult things going on in the world how can my consciousness really change it?

What if my consciousness is in any given moment selfish or lazy or greedy or full of fear. Does that mean, that is how my life will look? Unfortunately, spiritually and practically yes it does. This comes up for me a lot lately given all that is going on in the world. Economy, weather, culture wars…just the day ins and day outs of life in general. It is easy to say keep your consciousness out of the gutter of doubt and despair but that doesn’t pay the bills so what’s the point? We still have to deal with all of the issues and the world seems so out of control.

The point is that your consciousness IS the ONLY thing you can control. How you perceive what is happening around you or to you and the way you respond to it is having ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING, which by the way is what a lot of wish we had. If things are falling apart and your consciousness is in a place where you can see beyond what appears to be happening, then you are already beyond the challenge.

So, I encourage you (and myself) to put your consciousness to the test. Practically, this means being present, assessing every situation as one that is there for your benefit, and imagining the life you want to be experiencing knowing that it can absolutely be the life you can be experiencing despite what might be happening in the world. See what happens to your ability to work through challenges, to find happiness each day and receive the things you desire. What have you got to lose!

A person who has expanded their consciousness and feels empowered
Expand your consciousness and empower your life

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