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Harnessing Spiritual Energy

Spiritual Energy in our Lives
Drawing Spiritual Energy into Your Life

A potential client once posed a fascinating question: What is spiritual energy and why should we care? This inquiry challenged me to articulate why infusing spirituality into business is my passion.

I described how energy manifests in various forms - from sound and light to feelings and vibrations - shaping our daily experiences. So, what makes spiritual energy unique? Perhaps the real question is: What is spiritual energy and how can it empower you daily?

Let's quickly delve into what spiritual energy entails. All energy, whether physical or metaphysical, stems from a singular metaphysical source. We may call this source by different names, and some don’t call it anything at all. But whatever you call this source, the flow of energy from this source powers everything in the physical and metaphysical world. And to work with spiritual energy you kind of have to buy into this just like we buy into the concept of gravity even though we may not see it or understand it entirely.

Each of us possesses a distinct connection to the metaphysical realm, enabling us to harness its energy in our lives, whether we know or not or whether we believe it or not. Those who engage in spirituality learn quickly that managing this connection and using the energy you receive in your unique way is key to a more fulfilling, successful life. When we harmonize with this energy flow, we experience synchronicity with the world. When we are disconnected or we are creating short circuits in the way we are managing that energy we feel stuck, down, frustrated. None of us want to feel the overloaded, short-circuited version of this spiritual energy. So, how can you channel this metaphysical energy effectively into your life and the lives of others?

The first step involves grasping some key principles about metaphysical energy. Here's a glimpse:

  1. The universe/source emits pure, boundless, and all-loving energy.

  2. This energy flows from the source impartially - no one person receives more than another. We all share equal access to this universal energy.

  3. Our desire dictates our connection with this energy. It flows ceaselessly, irrespective of our awareness or acknowledgment. We hold the power to decide if and how we engage with this spiritual energy in our lives.

  4. The amount of energy that flows to us depends on our desire to align with the attributes of the source. These attributes include sharing, compassion and operating without an agenda.

To harness spiritual energy effectively, it's crucial to grasp that the universe is eager to grant your desires but in a way that endures, not just momentarily. We often yearn for specific jobs, homes, or cars, and while these aspirations are valid, they represent mere physical manifestations of metaphysical energy. When you desire a car, for instance, you're tapping into its physical attributes, but delving into its metaphysical essence means connecting with the emotions it evokes within you and sharing those feelings with others.

The key to attracting the metaphysical energy you seek lies in consciously linking your desires to the deeper essence of what you want, focusing not on the physical form but on the emotional resonance it brings. By doing so, you can access a more profound sense of fulfillment and lasting satisfaction. Conversely, if your focus is solely on fulfilling your ego's desires, the outcomes may be fleeting or accompanied by unwanted consequences.

By engaging with spiritual energy in this way, you can cultivate enduring benefits in your career, personal life, and pursuits.

Learning to fuel your desires with the emotions underlying your aspirations and finding ways to spread that positivity to the world around you is the true essence of tapping into spiritual energy.

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